Manifeste Made in France - made in Local

by Renaud Van Kote le 30 novembre 2020

Why manufacture RVK items in France when lower cost alternatives exist elsewhere?

If this choice was not obvious from the start, as the brand was built, this option became obivous. Here's why : 

  • Out of civic conviction: manufacturing in France is contributing to the economic life and therefore to daily life of our regions and in particular our rural areas - where our workshops are located - to which we are so attached and which make one of the specificities of our country.
  • For the sake of quality: certainly our neighbors (Italy, Spain, Portugal) are also known for their artisanal know-how, but France remains the country of leather goods where the value chain is best controlled, from breeding to the shop and after-sales service. Excellent schools exist and continue to develop there (Companions of Duty to cite just one of them). We took the time to select for you the best of them. 
  • For the sake of efficiency: our bags and accessories are all the more successful as communication is easy with our workshop; linguistic and geographic proximity. Located less than three hours away by car, we go there regularly to make sure that the production meets our expectations.
  • To be more responsive: more proximity to be as close as possible to your orders, to be able to best meet your wishes and reduce unsold items. 
  • Out of environmental conviction: more proximity for less CO2, reduction of journeys and packaging to their bare minimum.
  • By consistency, quite simply: with Made in France, we promote craftsmanship, beautiful making, local distribution, the relationship between the city and the countryside. It is this vision that we want to highlight with a concrete figure: over 90% of the added value of our leather goods is created in France and 99% in Europe.

 None of this would be possible without you, Thank you for your confidence and to be each of you, an ambassador of this commitment!